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What is a Controller?

itMyt Explains Controller:

A conTroller is a application Component that serves as a Mediator among a person and application and handles Business-associated duties induced in ASP.NET pages. A controller is used for scripting uncovered and middle-tier endpoints for anticipated person actions and outcomes.

What Does Controller Mean?

A controller serves different roles in ASP.NET Web Form and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural designs. ASP.NET Web Forms are built on a sequentially-phased version, from parsing incoming requests to generating HTML pages primarily based on ASP.NET supply report Templates. An ASP.NET Web Form controller handles all enterprise duties induced by way of the page, and the Event Handler collects Server control input statistics that is Packaged for the controller. Because they are tightly coupled, flexibility between the controller and person Interface (UI) is hindered.

In MVC architectural patterns, a controller operates in a sigNiFicant Function with specific mechanics. The controller magnificence is a plain elegance with some Public techniques. Each technique has a one-to-one Hyperlink with a likely user action, ranging from the clicking of a button to every other cause. The controller elegance techniques manner enter Records, execute application good judgment and decide view. An action clear out is used to decorate the controller’s techniques with pre and put up-motion behavior, as follows:

public magnificence Controller A : Controller public ActionResult A() //execute some Application Logic after which yield to the view Engine. Return this.View(“A”);

The controller has a Layered structure that starts offevolved with the Icontroller interface at the lowest, accompanied by way of the controller base magnificence, controller magnificence, different interfaces and, Eventually, the consumer-defined controller magnificence answerable for overall pinnacle Interactivity.

Controller Classes comply with an Inheritance hierarchy, in which preceding magnificence techniques should be carried out by using next instructions. For Instance, controller base elegance techniques must be recognized to permit Overriding by way of the derived controller instructions and capability Implementation.

Controller sports can be summarized as follows:

  • Gathering enter
  • Executing the request-associated motion approach
  • Preparing view statistics
  • Triggering view clean

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