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What is a Demultiplexer?

itMyt Explains Demultiplexer:

A Demultiplexer (often abbreviated as a demuxer or dmux) is a Software or Hardware tool that creates or Greater streams of statistics from a unmarried-stream input. A deMultiplexer perForms the inverse Function of a multiplexer, which basically consolidates numerous facts streams into one unmarried circulate of facts or Media.

What Does Demultiplexer Mean?

Demultiplexers take transmissions and divide them into their particular Components. They perform the inverse feature of multiplexers. Generally speakme, multiplexers are Devices or programs that consolidate more than one inputs into a unmarried Output. For Instance, if a video report needs stereo audio delivered to it, it may be multiplexed (muxed) with the right and left audio channels. Inversely, if audio needs to be extracted from a video File, deMultiplexing (demuxing) the supply document might output separate audio and video documents.

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