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What is Lights-Out Management (LOM)?

What does LOM stand for?

itMyt Explains Lights-Out Management:

Lights-out control (LOM) is a shape of remote Access Control for Servers. It allows for more security for Hardware, as well as for decrease facilities fees.

What Does Lights-Out Management Mean?

Lights-out control is a Form of out-of-band control that entails coPing with Network Devices from a distance. In LOM, workers may additionally deploy a room full of servers after which Lock them in that room within the dark. Having servers in this environment saves on electricity and can also store on cooling expenses.

Although a few hardware pieces like Computer Systems might also need a control card, many servers offer integrated Remote Control that Makes LOM less complicated. System Administrators, for example, may also plug a Rollover cable right into a dedicated LOM port in the server to attach it to the far flung control gadget.

Lights-out management addresses the "human beings plus hardware" hassle — the difficulty of the assets that humans want to work with vs. The surest surroundings for servers. A Range of groups have developed Dedicated Server and hardware rooms with precise cooling solutions, to preserve hardware at an most useful temperature and environment. Lights-out control offers enterprise leaders every other alternative for deploying resources.

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