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What is the National Science Foundation Network?

itMyt Explains National Science Foundation Network:

The National Science Foundation Network (NSFNet) is a extensive location network that become advanced by using the National Science Foundation to UPDATE ARPANET as the principle network linking government and studies facilities.

NSFNet cHanged into a major force within the development of Computing infrastructure and more suiTable commUnity services. By making high-speed Networking available to country wide pc facilities and inter-linked local networks, NSFNet created a network of networks, which laid the muse for today’s Internet.

NSFNet turned into dismantled in 1995 and replaced with a Industrial Internet Backbone.

What Does National Science Foundation Network Mean?

NSFNet become iNitiated through the National Science Foundation in 1985 as a fifty six Kbps backbone. Between 1987 and 1995, it become Upgraded to attain T1 and T3 speeds, achieving thousands of institutions. NSFNet became a major contributor to the networking infrastructure that made the Internet feasible.

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