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What is DOCSIS?

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Data over cable Carrier Interface specification (DOCSIS) is an the world over identified widespread permitting excessive pace inFormation Switch on present cable TV sySTEMs (CATVSs) used by many cable Operators to provide Internet get entry to to their customers thru a Cable Modem. The cutting-edge version of the same old additionally helps excessive defiNition televisions (HDTVs).

The fashionable turned into accredited through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1998.

What Does Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification Mean?

The first version of DOCSIS was issued in March 1997. Later it turned into stronger in response to elevated call for for symMetric offerings which include IP Telephony. Version 2.0 was released in December 2001. In August 2006 Model 3.Zero became released with sigNiFicantly accelerated transmission speeds, both Upstream and Downstream. This version additionally included support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Cross-model compatibility has been maintained. However, the transmission speed will most effective be at the rate of the oldest model. As of late 2010, the fastest Downloads have been 120 Mbit/s (and 20 Mbit/s add) in Canada, with the next fastest 107 Mbits/s in the US.

All cable Modems these days are in Compliance with DOCSIS, which exists in two variations named DOCSIS for the united States and EuroDOCSIS for Europe. These had been required due to the variations among the two systems: the European PAL (Phase Alternating Line), that's an Analog color television Encoding machine; and the us’s analog NTSC (National Television System Committee), which is the primary widely followed broadCast coloration gadget. In June 2009, NTSC switched to the virtual ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) within the USA. Each operates on one-of-a-kind Radio Frequency (RF) channels, 6 MHz within the USA and eight MHz for Europe. Except for a few structures in Japan, almost all today’s cable modem systems use a model of DOCSIS.

Using Layers 1 and 2 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layers, DOCSIS enables upstream transmission speeds of 30.72 Mbits/s consistent with 6 MHz channel and 10.24 Mbits/s in keePing with three MHz channel. All three variations (USA, Europe and Japan) allow downstream speeds of as much as 42.88 Mbit/s in line with 6 MHz channel (USA) or 55.62 Mbit/s in step with 8 MHz channel (Europe). However, with Hardware to guide the minimum quantity of 4 coupled channels, DOCSIS 3.Zero has maximum possible downstream/upstream speeds of one hundred sixty/a hundred and twenty Mbit/s.

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