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What is the .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF)?

What does .NET CF stand for?

itMyt Explains .NET Compact Framework:

.NET compact Framework (.NET CF) is a subset of .NET Framework that offers a Hardware-impartial environment for executing .NET applications on useful resource-limited gadgets like Private Digital assistants (PDA), Cell telephones and set-pinnacle packing Containers.

.NET CF supports embedded and cell Devices that are built with Microsoft Windows CE.NET running gadget.

.NET CF consists of the following:

  • Optimized commonplace language runtime (CLR) with structure inherited from .NET framework
  • A subset of .NET Framework Class Library
  • A set of lessons solely designed for superior overall perFormance.

What Does .NET Compact Framework Mean?

.NET CF Makes up the Platform for having Access to the underlying capabilities of a smart tool and makes it viable for Packages and Components to have interaction on the tool and over the Internet. It affords the Interoperability to access native features of the Windows CE running device and to integrate native additives in conTrolled Code, allowing each native and Laptop tool Software Developers to Build packages for Windows Mobile and Windows Embedded CE gadgets.

.NET CF’s Programming Model is much like .NET and as a result gives the inherent benefits of the usage of Managed Code with the .NET framework which includes type safety, Garbage Collection and Exception Handling as well as providing XML Web offerings at hand-held devices. Some of the features of .NET CF that Range from .NET framework and want to be considered whilst develoPing programs are the minimized CLR, optimized reminiscence, specialized controls, and the dearth of aid to Functions like remoting and mirrored image.

.NET CF gives a rich improvement and execution environment for clever devices jogging Pocket PC (versions, 2002, 2003 and Phone Edition) or Windows CE.NET four.1 or above. It gives a category library this is appropriate for developers of both these sySTEMs, no matter variations in their behavior and utilization.

Although much like .NET framework, the improvement of .NET CF applications gives new demanding situations based totally at the needs of programs of Cellular Computing and Embedded Devices along side the restrictions imposed by way of Windows CE gadgets.

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